Santa Barbara Unicorn Theme Party

Unicorn Theme Party

Throwing a Unicorn theme party? We have so many fun options to add to your event! We have classic unicorn face painting, unicorn balloon animals, unicorn party hair, as well as lots of glitter and sparkle!

  • Unicorn Face Painting: We have cheek size unicorns, unicorn crowns, and half face unicorns! Pick any color unicorn and you can give it rainbow hair!
  • Unicorn Balloon Animals: We have a quick, cute unicorn balloon as well as colorful crowns, flowers, and more.
  • Face Gems and Glitter: A perfect option on it’s own, you can also combine this with hair tinsel.
  • Unicorn Party Hair: Our Party Hair service includes glittering strands of hair tinsel and a whole rainbow of color hair extensions for any unicorn mane!
  • Flower Crown Craft: Decorate your glittering mane with a crown of colorful flowers.
  • Glitter tattoos: Each rainbow unicorn glitter tattoos lasts for several days!