Santa Barbara Hair Tinsel and Braid Bar

Hair Tinsel, Hair Feathers, Braids and More!

Hair Tinsel

Hair Tinsel is a popular service where glittering strands of silk tinsel are added to your hair. They are crimped in like hair extensions which makes them quick to apply, long lasting, and removable. We have gold, silver, rainbow, and many other colors!

Party Hair

Includes Hair Tinsel, Imitation Hair Feathers, and Rainbow Hair Strands.

Face Gems and Hair Tinsel

A Combination of festival style face gems, glitter, and hair tinsel. Create a full glitter look!

Braid Bar

Our most extravagant option, our Braid Bar includes braids, hair extensions in a rainbow of colors, sparkling hair tinsel, hair flowers, glitter, and more!

Hair Wraps

Classic hair wraps are custom created individually by wrapping embroidery thread around a small braid in colorful patterns. This is a time intensive service and small groups or individual appointments are recommended!