Santa Barbara Face Painting Prices and Booking

Santa Barbara Face Painting Prices and Rates

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Prices may be subject to a two hour minimum and/or a travel fee. 


Classic Party Services

  • Face Painting, $90/hr – all your favorite face painting designs, small and medium size, for parties with lots of guests! Biodegradable glitter included!
  • Balloon Twisting , $90/hr – Balloon swords, dogs, hats, and more, in a rainbow of colors!
  • Party Henna , $90/hr – A wide selection of small/medium henna designs, as well as sparkly biodegradable glitter!
  • Glitter and Glam , $90/hr – Fun sparkly glitter for face and hair! All biodegradable glitter.
  • Hair Tinsel, $90/hr – Sparkly strands of hair tinsel that can last for weeks!

Deluxe Party Services

  • Deluxe Face Painting, $120/hr – Elaborate face painting with biodegradable face and hair glitters!
  • Deluxe Balloon Twisting, $120/hr – Elaborate balloon shapes! We can also do custom shapes!
  • Deluxe Henna, $120/hr – Elaborate hand henna, maternity belly henna, or even wedding henna!
  • Glitter Tattoos, $120/hr – Sparkly biodegradable glitter tattoos that can last for several days!
  • Synthetic Hair Feathers, $120/hr – Cruelty free synthetic hair feathers that can last for weeks or even months!
  • Hair Wraps, $120/hr – Colorful hair wraps that can last for weeks or even months!

Speciality Party Services

  • Caricatures, $150/hr – Fun cartoon portraits for all of your guests!
  • Airbrush Tattoos, $150/hr – Waterproof airbrush tattoos that last up to a week!
  • Body Painting, $150/hr for regular or $200/hr for waterproof, perfect for pool parties! Maternity belly painting, portraits, couples, and more!
  • Tarot Card Reading, $150/hr – Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, full costume and more!

Arts and Crafts

  • Arts and Crafts Station, $200 for one hour – Pick your craft! We have glitter slime, jewelry making, painting projects and more!
  • Arts and Crafts Buffet, $300 for one hour – A selection of fun crafts, great for corporate events! We can do custom crafts! Supply costs not included.
  • Painting Classes and Craft Workshops – contact us for a quote!

Beauty Bars

  • Glitter Bar, $200 for one hour – face and hair glitter, hair tinsel!
  • Braid Bar, $250 for one hour – braids, hair glitter, and hair tinsel! We can also decorate beards! You can upgrade with synthetic hair feathers, hair wraps, or hair flowers!
  • Nail Bar, $200 for one hour – nail polish station, nail stickers and gems.
  • Custom Beauty Bar: Your Choice! Face and hair glitter, hair tinsel, braids, synthetic hair feathers, hair wraps, nail polish station and more!
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