Santa Barbara Henna Tattoos

Santa Barbara Henna Tattoos

Santa Barbara Henna Tattoos

Looking for Santa Barbara Henna Tattoos? Santa Barbara Face Painting and Henna has been doing henna body art for 19 years! We have a wide selections of designs to choose from, and we can do any event! Henna is especially popular at teen parties, bar/bat mitzvahs and sweet sixteens. It’s also fun for baby showers! We can do henna bellies as well as decorate the hands of all of your guests!

How do Henna “Tattoos” work?

Henna is a natural stain that lasts for 2 weeks on your hands a feet, and about 10 days on the rest of your body. Everybody’s skin is different – some people have stains that last longer! The henna is applied using a special paste inside of a henna cone – similar to a frosting cone. It is drawn directly on your skin, you leave it on for 2-4 hours. After you remove the paste, you will have a stain that lasts for two weeks! If you are looking for an option for children under 8, I would recommend our glitter tattoos.

What is Henna paste made of?

Santa Barbara Henna Tattoos makes henna from scratch, with our own recipe! We use henna powder, which comes from the henna plant. We mix lemon juice to release the dye, sugar to make it stick, and lavender oil for a nice smell! Our henna paste is all natural, and safe for all ages, including small children and pregnant women.

Are Santa Barbara Henna Tattoos Safe? What is “Black Henna”?

Our henna is all natural and completely safe. We do not use “black henna”. Black henna is henna with added ingredients to make it black in color, and are usual toxic and harmful. There are safe alternatives to henna if you would like a black color, such as airbrush tattoos.

Santa Barbara Face Painting and Henna was great. She did henna for my daughter’s 16th birthday party and the kids loved it. She did some amazing work and was so nice and friendly. Thank you, I would definitely book with them again.

Michelle, Carpinteria