Santa Barbara Glitter and Glamour Party

Santa Barbara Glamour Party: Kids Makeup, Nails and Hair

Santa Barbara Glitter and Glamour Party

What is more fun for a birthday princess than inviting all of her friends to a Glamour Party to get their makeup, nails, and hair done? Our kids makeup parties are unique because they include face painting! If you have guests who prefer not to get makeup, they have all of our regular face painting options – perfect to make sure all of your friends feel included! We also add touches of face painting to any makeup. Our makeup is over the top fun, including glitter and rhinestones! Our nail polishes are chemical free, low odor, and vegan, and includes sparkles. We have temporary, easily washable hair chalks and we can braid and add bows and flowers.

Glamour Party Options:

  • Makeup and Face painting: We use bright, colorful safe makeup and hypoallergenic face paints! We match the makeup to your outfit and include glitter and gems!
  • Nails: We use chemical free, low odor, vegan, kid-safe nail polish! Includes stickers and rhinestones!
  • Hair Chalks: Safe, non-toxic, and easily washable hair colors! Fun and temporary.
  • Hair Braiding: Braids and pigtails, includes bows and hair flowers.
  • Hair Wraps: Any color, and we even have beautiful metallics! We also have charms and crystals we can attach.

What are Hair Wraps?

A hair wrap is a colorful hair accessory that can last from several weeks to several months! A piece of your hair is braided, then wrapped with colorful thread in patterns. You can also add beads or charms. You can hire us for parties, where we will do simple colorful wraps on your guests. If you want a fancy custom hair wrap, please call us for an appointment! We know a variety of fun patterns that can take a little extra time. Hair wraps can be made with embroidery thread, yard, or even hemp. We generally use embroidery thread, which makes a delicate wrap, but we can also use yarn or hemp upon request. If you make a private appointment, you can even make a custom hair charm.

Kid Safe and Appropriate!

We make sure every guest is comfortable, with a gentle touch. Whether they want their makeup subtle or super glamorous, we match it to their outfit! Our work is always child appropriate, and we only use safe makeup and nail supplies. We set up a kids makeup party zone, with tablecloths and decorations. Your artist will be made up in high style herself, professional with a cute apron. We can also put together an activity – such as coloring – that your guests can do at the kids makeup zone while they watch and wait for their turn!