Santa Barbara Tarot Card Reading

Santa Barbara Tarot Card Reader Gypsy Fortune Teller

Meet Madame Cominichi, Tarot Card Reader!

Looking for a Santa Barbara Tarot card reader? Madame Cominichi is a truly authentic  and delightful Gypsy fortune teller who comes from a long line of Tarot readers and Palmists, Psychics and seekers, and has been doing private consultations for over 25 years. Tarot readings are like joyful mini healings which leave you feeling purer and calmer in their wake. A reading always directs you toward the positive goals, awakening you to the principles of love, fairness, aliveness, and the pursuit of happiness. These readings are purely positive with only the highest principles of love, employed and enhanced by a fantastic dramatic flair for theatrics to top it all off.

Full Costume and Props!

If you are looking for a genuine gypsy experience for your guests, you have found the right person! Madame Cominichi arrives dressed in full Gypsy regalia, with all the necessary props, including crystal balls, candles, pendulums, and Angel Cards for the kids.  The Tarot decks used are the traditional Waite deck and the newer cat inspired Mystical Cards deck.

Always Positive and Professional

Prompt and courteous, uplifting and positive, focused and fun, this is a seriously enlightening and traditional addition to your event. Relax and let Madame Cominichi help entertain your guests. It will be guaranteed to make your party a memorable one. You may even decide to make it a tradition for your family gatherings!

How long is each reading?

Each reading takes between 5-15 minutes per guest. She can bring her own table and chairs if needed. She has a 4 hour maximum event time.

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