Santa Barbara Caricatures and Portraits

Santa Barbara Face Painting and Henna Caricatures, Portraits, Princess Portraits

Caricatures and Portraits

Looking for a caricature artist for your event? Our artists can do fun, playful caricatures! Caricatures are great for any event, and are always a big hit with guests! Take home a one of a kind souvenir to remember the party forever. Our artists can do both black and white as well as colored caricatures, in a level of detail that suits your event. We can even match them to your party theme! We can do individual faces and also groups.

Princess Style

Our unique “Princess Style” caricatures turn you into a character from one of your favorite princess movies! A perfect addition to a princess party – you can even have a caricature artist dressed as a princess make it for you!

Realistic Portraits

Looking for more realistic portraits? We can do that as well! Quick, pencil or charcoal portraits are also available. We can do quick party portraits at any event, but our artists are skilled enough to also take charcoal or paint commissions!