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Goleta Face Painting

Goleta Face Painting

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Welcome to Goleta Face Painting and Henna! We are available in Goleta (even Noleta and Isla Vista!) and will do face painting and henna for any event! We have been Goleta face painters for many years, at the Lemon Festival and local school events. We can also do one-on-one face painting, to make a unique costume.

Face Painting

Goleta Face Painting uses non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, FDA approved Snazaroo face paints and safe cosmetic glitter. We can also bring sparkling face gems, bindis, and hair chalks, which temporarily turn your hair bright colors.

Goleta Face Painting has a design book with over 50 deisgns. We have small cheek and hand designs or half or full face designs. We can also freehand for any theme! See pictures of our face painting!

Henna Body Art

Goleta Face Painting also does henna! Henna is a completely natural temporary “tattoo”, which lasts about 2-3 weeks. Henna is safe for all ages, and even pregnant women! It is applied as a paste, which you leave on for 2-4 hours. It is drawn on with a henna cone, like frosting. Henna paste is made of simple ingredients: powdered henna leaves, lemon juice, and sugar. The color is a beautiful red-brown. See pictures of our henna!

If somebody advertises black henna, stay away because it can be toxic. Goleta Face Painting only uses safe henna. If you want a black, realistic looking tattoo, we can help. We have Temptu, which is a temporary body paint that lasts for several days. It comes in all colors. We also have Jagua, which is made from the south american jagua fruit. Jagua lasts for 2-3 weeks and is a beautiful blue-black.

About Goleta Face Painters

Sami Marx is a local artist and professional face painter since 2008. She lives in Goleta and loves meet new people and be a part of local events!