Santa Barbara Giant Bubbles and Mermaids!

Santa Barbara Giant Bubbles and Mermaids

Santa Barbara Giant Bubbles – and Mermaids!

What could be better than giant bubbles? How about your very own mermaid to make them for you! We make giant bubbles at birthday parties, with the added twist of fun, bubbly mermaids to make them for you. We are expert at creating the biggest bubbles with our safe, non-toxic formula. Not only will we make them for you, but we will teach you how to make them as well! Especially fun for small children, but fascinating for any party.

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Giant bubbles have become increasingly popular. You can see people making them in parks, at festivals, and of course, birthday parties! We can bring our giant bubbles to any event, though we do need some space so you can see them float! Perfect if your party is at a park or if you have a large backyard. They are endlessly hypnotizing and your guests won’t be able to resist chasing them down and pop them. You will be amazed by how long your guests are entertained.

Our mermaids look spectacular in their beautiful, handmade costumes with sparkling tails. They are crowned with flowers, shells, and of course pearls, straight from the imagination of every little girl. They will do a bubble demo, and allow your guests to try their own bubbles. When not making bubbles, your mermaid will play with the children, sing along with the birthday song, and pose for as many pictures as possible! A Bubble Mermaid will be an unforgettable addition to your next event, and put a smile on every face!